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Welcome to the Gnome of the Month Club!

The Gnome of the Month Club was founded during Secret Santa Season and is the premiere destination for finding, sharing and celebrating anything that might interest a gnome.

Gnome loves to travel, garden and follow Garden Gnome news. Gnome is also an avid collector of garden gnomes. Starting in 2013, we will be introducing a page on the world of warcraft gnomes. Contact us with the content that you would hope to see!

Look for our favorite travel advice every month. Gnome gets around, and has all kinds of recommendations, whether you are travelling alone, as a family or on a romantic getaway! When Gnome is not on a flight to Europe, Gnome loves to garden! We love to post the Gnome's favorite Garden tips. And for all of you collectors out there, look for updates on the favorite garden gnomes that we have have found online! If we find a matching fairy or spotted mushroom, we will be sure to share that too!

Look for our quizzes! We want to be sure to feature the advice of our favorite followers! We will feature followers of the bearded Gnome every month. Here are some of the ways that you might be featured!

Gnome's Favorite Travel Advisor of the Month

Gnome's Favorite Garden Advisor of the Month

Gnome's Place to shop for Gnomes

Gnome's favorite Gnome Collector

Australian Gnome Convention Recap

Coming Soon - World of Warcraft scoop!

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